Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Summer Time Wardrobes

I have most of my summer wardrobe but still adding to it for little while now, well let see how long we have stable or even nice weather for.

Here is a little scribble of a pair of shorts that I have designed, I really like the drawing myself
and thought I would share it with you.

I need to make them which I just haven't got round due to not having the time.

I have some amazing Ideas for colour palettes and fabrics, which will make the final beautiful. the insipration for the design and drawing comes from The Summer in Spain ("Mallorca, with the Kids"), Boats, Water and the Sky, Day Turning into Night and and Spanish Tourist Information Bureaus in the mid 90's.

If anyone wants to help me create them then if you like them for yourself we will make two pairs you keep on and I keep the other. Ill get the fabric and choose different colour for panels. Just a chilled out project but need to get them done soon cos the summer will be over...!

Just need someone to help who can make patterns and cut properly and is interested in the photo...

Get in touch.


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