Friday, 15 January 2010

Something for the weekend

Modernism ... Art by night, "make what you make"...

Tuesday, 12 January 2010


HAPPY NEW YEARS ONCE AGAIN. IT IS THE BEGGINING OF THE Next decade. 2009 and the naughties have ended, been really interesting and varied, changes and a lot of learning. I have left school, grown up, moved away, moved away, met everyone, left everyone and bumped back into them again, had fun, and a drag and am ready for the next ten years into Adulthood. See you all along the way, NEW YEARS DAY....

Picture: davey james clarke

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Ms La Roux A Year Ago

A shot I found a while ago for Sound Venue Magazine with La Roux, I still like it....

Photographer: PAV
Leggings: KTZ
Jacket: NoMD
T-Shirt: MYLES'


Psychadelic Japanese Phone Tings

Some beautiful rainbow, about San Fran in the 70's sometime... this is what greets me when I look at my BB in the morning before the alarm just about tries to wake me

December Montage


There was a lot of fun to be and over the last month and it has been my Best New Years Eve Ever!!!
THANKS EVERYONE who made it possible and thank to all of my friends in Manchester and London, and who ever in the world that I have been speaking to wherever you have been the world.

Love is Possible "berlin"


Boeing 747-400 one of my Favourite airplanes

Mancunian Gay Bars on the 26th December 2009 Boxing Day "like a gay Zoo"

Francis Bacon had a toilet that was not to be used, there is a floor for that

Queer December 2009, Manchester Rocks and the music bounces, the gays are in their elements but the lights are NEON