Thursday, 12 November 2009

H IS For Hermès

Helmut Newton Was 'Ere ^*^* somewhere after the age went super digital ^*^*

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Walking into the ex-primary school now squat in a corner of Moss Side, squatter residents for the week like to call Hulme. The “crusties” had found an old school building and moved in, the heating and electricity still on before the site is demolished sometime in the next month, which is a shame as its been put to some good use. This was an interesting experience seeing such cultural events in Manchester was refreshing. The show, JUNK Fashion Show was far off what I’m used to seeing on the London and Paris fashion scenes, what seemed like innocently mocked pieces of fashion created from basically junk off the streets ended up showcasing some goodies, bustier tops made from old inner tubes, and a newspaper dresses held together with video tape that had a wicked shape to it. On the night there was also Capoeira dancing and installations from artists from the collective.