Sunday, 17 February 2013

Souncloud - nice mix - Sven, dorfjungs


Berlin magazine
Love it
Check it out ....

Covers, Michelle Elie Meiré,Pam Hogg, Sasa Thomann holding copies of latest....

Canaletto/Bellotto- National Gallery - Venice

Some of my favourite art, nice to be able to pass by the National Gallery and see some of these paintings in real life.

Stratford City - cinema stalking

Feels like a Pan Asian, Pan Middle Eastern, Terminal 5... Like it but slightly surreal after the whole Olymoics which a I remember passing and noticing bits and bobs,the aftermath is quite cool in ways, just don't know how it's all going to look/feel in 10 years time.. #Liveforthemoment
Love the CCTV relay from outside the cinema theatres, a bit of horror vibes.
Looper was the film and I feel asleep.

Camden Canal

Walking along the canal in Camden a while ago and there's a cool view under the bridges along there, here's a nice one....

Black and White Lines

Skyscrapers in New York from 6th Avenue 1974, I like a certain type of B+W photography, Helmut Newton and 70s strong fashionable edges to b+w.
Pete1987 interference from

Balmain Men's Fashion...

Love these looks woven leather Balmain from Sping 2013 collection, love this...