Tuesday, 29 September 2009


WBYT, this is something I was working on costumes for one week at the end of the summer with Bubbles and assisted by our lovely intern Sam Bushall who came to stay with us over the month of August, Thanks for you help Sam. The track by the band White Belt Yellow Tag who were the"Winner of fresh meat 2008" - Presented by Zane Lowe, Radio 1 and are from Yorkshire, the track is Remains and is out on October 9th.

Here are a few grabs from the video styes by MYLES and BUBBLES directed Fi-Lo and a link to Agile Films page where you can watch the video. Enjoy...


Outfits for the Band

Establishing shot of one of the main characters who is an astronaut.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


Hey watch PIA do her thing on the light poles on TUDOR GROVE after a night out to TONY HORNECKERS exhibition "Beautiful Freaks" at the Dalston Superstore. Everyone who took part and performed at the exhibition did a great job to pull of their roles. There was a real feeling of nightlife and the rawness of the big bad city we live in and love so much. Check out this photo of a photo......


Hey Emmy, thanks for coming to help us for our preperations for Fashion Week you were great. Here is EMMY and NOVA the day we filmed the video with House of Dangerkat crew for their docufilm of footage with the guys over here in LONDON doing their thing.


Happy Fashion Week MUM and DAD

Caroline and Hartley MYLES' parents make it down from .Manchester this Fashion Week for "Happy Fashion Week" at The Hospital Club.....
Love you two and thanks


The view from above on the night of the flash mobs when House of Dangerkat crew danced outside the PPQ show whilst the crowed waited to enter the show. We had our generator full of petrol and sound system rearing to go.... Love.... Thanks everyone that featured and helped out.....

La Roux Waistcoat

Myles wearing LaRoux waistcoat, pre finished in the studio before the show last week we whipped up a new little swede with gem studs, looked great finished when she finally wore it on stage.

NOVA DANDO Rainbow Collection

This is why no one has seen me for ages...........

Here is the NOVA DANDO Rainbow Collection video. The collection was inspired by rainbows, lights and features denim with black and white colours which add a little monotone. NOVAS inspirations have been drawn from when she was a child and she loved rainbows and her travelling across America on tour when creating looks for bands stage outfits.

The film was shown on the first night of LONDON Fashion Week in the Hospital Club in Covent Garden, directed by Saam.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Burning Man

I just love this picture which I found off the internet somewhere, it's a sand storm in the NEVADA Dessert which where the BURNING MAN FESTIVAL has just been held.... looks amazing, hopefully next year will be there....

DangerKat Crew

<<<<>>>><><><><>><<>>>>>HI I BEEN AWAY FOR WHILE... BACK NOW.... THE SEASONS ARE CHANGING and it's NEARLY FASHION WEEK<<<<>>>><><><><><

For a while now I have been working with NOVA DANDO and It's been great. During the last fashion week in PARIS we happened to met up with out friend KAITI who ended up being BARBIE for BARBIE'S 50 anniversary in Colette. This was amazing and so much fun, BARBIE didn't come alone BARBIE had crew, crew called HOUSE OF DANGERKAT they are a small collective of dancers from NORTH AMERICA, various places in NORTH AMERICA and have all come over this fashion week to start in our show, this time not as BARBIE but as HOUSE of DANGERKAT and will be performing at the show we are all working very hard to get finished in time for FRIDAY. I am very excited.

Here is some footage of the last collection that we shot and some footage of the crews oppulence dance which is wicked!
Cant wait to see them in the new NOVA DANDO collection.