Friday, 20 February 2009

Master P Madness

Love these covers, bling bling ....
No-Limit Records from the South Nasty Ass Mercedes Lady......

Friday, 6 February 2009

free lipsticks

...lipstick for free, "are you lesbians or something ? ... prostitutes ?" ...

Mark Butcher and Zakiya P Video with Doreen...


Myles' intro to TrannyVille

The home of the tremendos Tranny Nannie who transformed great children's and their mothers' live into a spectacular cabaret of sorts
and gave porsoreity in all forms.

Tranny Nannie lived in the East Wing of Tannie Mansions in The Maisonettes just around the corner from Tranny Rathaus. She was happy, contented, beautiful, fun and most definatly pre-opp.

Tranny Nannie's main aim was to make sure the mainstream would fall by using cheap tranny labour, her main selling point was to provide amazing looked after care to all of those mutant children of the nouveau class a life of performance and eccentricity after all, all every mother wanted was for their children to be on the next front page of the next cover of the next issue of the next top selling middle shelf consumer magazine, little did they know this was the underworld and the consumer was different, sub and post in every way imaginable

This was a chance for Tranny Nannie to excresise her manifesto to the coked up mothers of the hood with their busy, gay loving, supermodel lifestyles and their cityworker, cheating husbands who were banging Thai tranny cock in Hong Kong

The miniopolis of Tranny Ville, the underwold of the neuvau where trends began was a magical and frightening place whe eunuchs, gays, drug addicts, whores, trannies artists and wealthty trendy men call home, deep in the depths off an allyway mutant humans believe themselves to be normal would never even dare walk down, even the most 'crazy', 'I'm mad me' bitches would never even dream of taking a shortcut home after a trip to Sainsbury's local.



I need to make TrannyVille
Its good being here time to write things all day
See you next week
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